WVTO 92.7 FM

2612 Wilkens Avenue

Baltimore, MD 21223



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Our terrestrial listening area is the strongest in South Baltimore, West Baltimore out to Catonsville, and Southeast Baltimore west of Patterson Park. Note that reception may be stronger or weaker than shown due to a number factors including:

  • Weather - Radio stations come in better during clear weather conditions

  • Terrain -  Hills and other high terrain make it harder to pickup a radio signal whereas a radio signal travels farther at sea level or near a body of water

  • Interference - Being near electrical lines or other radio stations antennas may cause interference when you listen to a station

  • Radio/Antenna - Not all radios/antennas are created equal. For instance, the radio in your car may not pick up a station as good as the radio in your home or vice versa

WVTO 92.7 FM