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how To add wvto to your alexa device

Via Voice Command

1. Start your Alexa device

2. Say "Alexa, enable Baltimore's Catholic Radio." The station will be added to your device as a skill.

3. To play, say "Alexa, play Baltimore's Catholic Radio."

Via The Amazon Alexa App

1. Open the Amazon Alexa App

2. Click the menu bar in the top left corner of the app and a sidebar will appear

3. Once the sidebar appears, click "Skills & Games"

4. In the top right of the "Skills & Games" page, click the magnifying glass and search for "Baltimore's Catholic Radio"

5. Click on the "Baltimore's Catholic Radio" skill, then click the "Enable Skill" button.

6. To play, click the middle button (the blue speech bubble) at the bottom of the app and say "Alexa, play Baltimore's Catholic Radio."

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